The Epic Wellness Plan

Good health comes from healthy habits. Our membership plans make it affordable and easy to get regular treatments to keep you going strong! Different Wellness Plans are available depending on your needs.


 $20 per month and allows you access to all services at membership rates, as well as unlimited access to the new Mobility and Stretching room.


– $15-$20 savings on every massage.
– Infrared sauna sessions are only $20 (or $25 for a 2-person sauna session).
– 10% off all products.
– Discounted PEMF, ARX Fit workouts, Zerobody Dry Float, and Esthetic services
– Includes access to the new Mobility and Stretching room.
– Refer a friend and if they become a member, you’ll receive a free sauna session.

If you are on an ARX or PEMF Wellness Plan, you do not need to be on the $20 Epic Wellness Plan – these benefits are all included in your membership already!

How work?

– Minimum 3-month commitment
– Payment made via auto-debit once per month
– Members may receive unlimited sessions throughout the month at Wellness Rates
– For individual Wellness Plans for ARX Fit, Pulse PEMF and the Infrared Sauna, see the pricing pages for those services

Welcome to Epic Wellness Plans

Full Spectrum Infrared Sauna

Discover the ultimate in relaxation and wellness with our Full Spectrum Infrared Sauna. Unlike traditional saunas, our advanced infrared technology penetrates deep into your muscles and tissues, providing a range of health benefits.


Adaptive Resistance Exercise, is a cutting-edge fitness technology that combines advanced robotics and innovative software to provide a highly efficient and personalized strength training experience. Say goodbye to traditional weights and discover how ARX Fit can transform your workout routine with real-time adaptive resistance, detailed data tracking, and unmatched safety.


Pulse PEMF (Pulsed Electromagnetic Field) is a revolutionary technology in the field of health and wellness that utilizes pulsed electromagnetic fields to promote healing and overall well-being. With a focus on advanced science and technology, Pulse PEMF offers a non-invasive and effective solution for pain relief, improved circulation, and accelerated recovery. Experience how Pulse PEMF can transform your health with personalized treatments and proven results.

Zerobody Dry Float

The Zerobody Dry Float Bed is an innovative patented system that allows flotation in zero gravity over 400 liters of warm water, but you don’t have to get wet! Your body and mind live an unforgettable experience of deep regeneration, embraced by colored lights and a soft lumbar massage. Zerobody relieves your central nervous system from any external stimuli.